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There are a number of different ways to document your travels: travel blogs, travel journals, vlogs and even Twitter. Long before Tumblr and Blogger, people actually hand wrote their travels in journals. One of the earliest examples is from Christopher Columbus notes on Marco Polo. Here is a picture: Travel reporting also has origins from […]

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Traditional journalism has long surpassed its peak in what’s now considered ‘old media,” but who are the real traditional journalists? It can be argued that rather than a decline in old media and a birth of new, what’s really occurring in today’s fast-pace, technologically advanced society is a reversion to traditional methods of spoken news. […]

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The new news apps

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Tablets are the latest craze around the world in 2011. From the iPad, to the Galaxy Tab and now even Amazon wants a crack at it. Sure these things are cool to play with, but did we really think it would change the face of journalism? Sports Illustrated last year created what I think is […]

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