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History of News & Coffehouses

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There’s nothing new about a coffee shop. Since their inception they have been a place to gather, exchange ideas, and indulge. A multipurpose space, used for business meetings, interviews, dates, and in the old times (think 1700s )­– news. A quick Google search highlights coffee’s roots and its journey from the Ethiopian forest to the […]

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Coffeehouses in London in the 18th century were the prominent form of spoken news. Each coffeehouse even had its own individual focus — from politics, to art, and even shipping news. One particular shop, Lloyd’s, remains standing even today. Albeit with a very different purpose. In the late 17th century, Lloyd’s attracted ship officers, traders, merchants, […]

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Television: the new coffeehouse?

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As I spoke about in my first post regarding the history of coffeehouses, their purpose has changed over the years. However, I wanted to delve deeper into what replaced the purpose these meeting grounds once served. We know that when coffeehouses first arose in the 1700s, they were primarily a forum for spoken news. A very prominent […]

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Walk into a coffeehouse today, what do you see? A few tables of people chatting, more tables of people by themselves, attached to their iPhone or glued to their laptop or tablet, and the majority of people grabbing their coffee to go and running out to get on with their busy lives. Walk into a […]

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A coffeehouse has always served as a gossip harbor and one particular gossip harbor located in the middle of Arlington, VA is currently the most exciting by far that this caffeine addict has ever visited. Northside Social has taken the concept of the coffeehouse to a whole new level.  The typical coffeehouse attracts a spectrum […]

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Traditional journalism has long surpassed its peak in what’s now considered ‘old media,” but who are the real traditional journalists? It can be argued that rather than a decline in old media and a birth of new, what’s really occurring in today’s fast-pace, technologically advanced society is a reversion to traditional methods of spoken news. […]

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The American colonies learned a lot about journalism from their mother country. Early colonial newspapers contained many articles from English newspapers. These were widely circulated in the 18th century. With the expiration of the British Licensing Act in 1695, England’s press experienced a newfound freedom. The public had access to a variety of different opinions. […]

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A Cup of News

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Coffeehouses. There’s one at every street corner. But, what more do they provide then just a great cup of brew? Exchanging of news. That’s right, a quaint and cozy coffeehouse is the ultimate haven for news enthusiasts. Starting in the 17th century, when the first coffeehouse was established in Oxford, England, the role of coffeehouses […]

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