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Photography and Journalism

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In the 19th century, journalism experienced beneficial changes because of the development of photography. Louis Jacque Mande Daguerre, a French painter, made the first non-fading photograph in 1829. He called this photo a “daguerreotype.” Daguerre accomplished this by using light-sensitive salts that captured images on metal plates.  After this discovery, photography became increasingly popular. But, […]

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Newspapers and magazines are both considered periodicals, which means they are produced on a regular schedule. But, what makes them so different? Some of the most common differences between newspapers and magazines can be seen through their audience, content, distribution, and design and layout. 1. Audience: Newspapers have a very broad audience. One newspaper can […]

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In the 3rd chapter of Discovering the News, Schudson discusses two types of journalism in the 1890’s that influenced the journalism standards we see today. These two types of journalism are “journalism as entertainment,” and “journalism as information.” Schudson starts out by asking two important questions about these two types of journalism. “What is it […]

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During a time when women were scorned in the workforce and expected to stay at home, one woman, Nellie Bly, was paving her way into becoming one of the greatest reporters of all time. Nellie Bly, or birth name Elizabeth Cochran, started her career as a writer for the Pittsburgh Dispatch in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her […]

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Before the 19th century, women were not given the privilege of having a career in journalism. Jobs in journalism were generally given to white males, or women who had special connections through their male family members or spouses. However, during the 19th century, Maria Stewart, an African American woman, paved her way into the field […]

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A Cup of News

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Coffeehouses. There’s one at every street corner. But, what more do they provide then just a great cup of brew? Exchanging of news. That’s right, a quaint and cozy coffeehouse is the ultimate haven for news enthusiasts. Starting in the 17th century, when the first coffeehouse was established in Oxford, England, the role of coffeehouses […]

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The French Revolution sparked a change in the French media. During this time period, free press was established, and newspapers had the privilege of sharing their personal opinions without prior approval from the King. By 1790, the amount of newspapers in France had increased dramatically. Many newspapers, such as L’ami du Peuple, were partisan-based, and […]

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