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Journalism has been used as a form of activism in America pretty much since it was introduced to the colonies in the 18th century. Its use in social issues has proved its purpose in upholding the freedoms of American citizens, and keeping an eye out for those attempting to compromise our lawful rights. Ida Tarbell was […]

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Halloween hoaxes

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As an investigative journalist, I thought for the week of Halloween I would investigate a very common Halloween hoax that comes up year after year. Is Halloween candy collected from trick-or-treating safe to eat? According to the Halloween poisoning page on snopes.com , the rumors of poisoned candy being distributed to children on Halloween is false. The […]

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During a time when women were scorned in the workforce and expected to stay at home, one woman, Nellie Bly, was paving her way into becoming one of the greatest reporters of all time. Nellie Bly, or birth name Elizabeth Cochran, started her career as a writer for the Pittsburgh Dispatch in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her […]

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