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Ethics are a factor that develop overtime. Ethics change with new technologies, advancements, ideas — and are often subjective to one’s personal opinions. ethics [eth-icks] noun, plural : a system of moral principles Ethics are separate from formal laws. Therefore, to answer the question “what is ethical” is often simply impossible because of the multitude of interpretations. […]

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View “War reporting: from Herodotus to photojournalists” on Storify

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Photography and Journalism

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In the 19th century, journalism experienced beneficial changes because of the development of photography. Louis Jacque Mande Daguerre, a French painter, made the first non-fading photograph in 1829. He called this photo a “daguerreotype.” Daguerre accomplished this by using light-sensitive salts that captured images on metal plates.  After this discovery, photography became increasingly popular. But, […]

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