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As far as Japanese technology goes, some say it is unparalleled. Japan seems to have excelled far more than any other nation in history in this area. But when it comes to the media, what has Japan done? Paper! In the year 610 A.D. China transferred its form of paper — still primitive at the […]

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We all know what word of mouth is. A friend tells you some news, whether it be juicy gossip or something they heard on the radio, then you tell someone else and it goes on and on. By the time it goes through a number of people, it can become distorted and completely inaccurate. In […]

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Sports Illustrated.  One of the most popular magazines among readers in the United States. It has been a hit since the first issue came out on August 16, 1954. There were 148 pages in the first issue containing advertisements, small stories, feature stories, and even pictures and full stats of baseball players during that time. The sports that […]

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Not guilty

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I haven’t quite figured out why people take so much interest in celebrities misfortunes. I’m guilty of it myself, I’m usually the first of my friends to know about celebrity D.U.I’s, divorces and deaths. But that’s not to say I don’t rejoice inside when I find out about a new celebrity baby or marriage. There […]

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