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As far as Japanese technology goes, some say it is unparalleled. Japan seems to have excelled far more than any other nation in history in this area. But when it comes to the media, what has Japan done? Paper! In the year 610 A.D. China transferred its form of paper — still primitive at the […]

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Without Chinese contributions to western society, news-printing and the spreading of news may have been delayed by many years. Ts’ ai Lu of the Chinese imperial court invented paper in A.D. 105. Others around this time may have attempted to create paper, but many were using raw silk. Ts’ai Lu was able to find cheaper […]

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Printing On Time to Posting Online

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Since Johannes Gutenberg’s Printing Press—invented around 1436—prints of all kinds have been massively produced. Following this invention, the newspaper was able to spread the news in the form of printed paper. The time in between Gutenberg’s Printing Press and our modern society of blogging, tweeting and online publications has come to be known as the […]

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China: Pioneers of Technology

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The Chinese inventions of paper and the printing press are often overlooked by the Western World. However, China was the first country to improve on the paper making process and created the first moveable type printing press, without which journalism would not have evolved to where it is today. Stephens cites A.D. 105 as the […]

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The Chinese are credited with many inventions that helped change the world. Their “four great inventions” had enormous impacts throughout history.  Two of those great inventions had direct impacts on the dissemination of news. China’s first major contribution to news, however, was not an invention.  It was the domestication of the horse circa 3500 B.C. […]

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