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The Village gains a Voice

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Have you heard of The Village Voice? It began as a neighborhood paper in Greenwich Village but ultimately changed journalism. As Louis Menand explains in “It Took A Village: How the Voice changed journalism,” The Village Voice changed what it meant to be a journalist. The Village Voice was founded by Norman Mailer, Dan Wolf […]

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Yellow journalism has a notoriously bad reputation. Placing more importance on scandal-mongering and sensationalism than facts has condemned yellow journalism as bad journalism. And some professional journalists dispute whether it is a form of journalism at all. So, does yellow journalism deserve its bad reputation? Jim Romenesko addresses this issue, quoting Jack Shafer, who says […]

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The Chinese are credited with many inventions that helped change the world. Their “four great inventions” had enormous impacts throughout history.  Two of those great inventions had direct impacts on the dissemination of news. China’s first major contribution to news, however, was not an invention.  It was the domestication of the horse circa 3500 B.C. […]

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