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William Caxton: the father of the English press

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In 1476, William Caxton (1421?-1492) established the first printing press in England. Upon viewing the wonders of the printing press from his extensive travels in Europe, Caxton realized the value of this modern marvel. Soon, with the patronage of the Royal Family, Caxton would be running off books in both French and English.

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After setting up his new press in Bruges, Caxton produced the first translated book printed in the English language: The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye. Caxton, a linguist in his own right, would go on to translate dozens of books and make great strides in the English language.

In regards to Caxton’s contributions to journalism, he is credited with standardizing the English language, which was, in the late 1400’s, still very far from the English which is spoken today.

At the end of the day, someone had to be the first person to bring a printing press across the Channel. William Caxton: businessman, diplomat, traveler, would be the first Englishman to add the title “printer” after his surname.


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