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What are you doing with your news?

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Who doesn’t love to be the first one to know something? I love to be the source of information for any kind of news , but I definitely can’t be a fountain of information alone!

I owe my success in my distribution of information to social media and television for their consistent updates of information on what’s going on around the world. Thank you, thank you. I couldn’t do it without you guys!

So when my parents were kids (a LONG , LONG time ago) they only had morning and nightly news.. if that. How did they survive I wonder. Was that news sufficient for them? Or were they wanting more?

In 1995 CNN International became a global 24- hour news channel. That’s right, news all the time. Now before you go jumping for joy and clapping your hands like this guy, pause. Ask yourself, how often do you watch CNN International?

Now some of you are probably going to lie and say it’s your go to channel, others of you probably either a) didn’t know there was a CNN International news channel or b) don’t even know what channel or even what channel range CNN International falls into.

But don’t worry, I’m not judging. I’m just asking you to ask yourself, has the ability to access news at anytime increased your desire to be more knowledgeable or does it really make a difference?

I feel like our generation is so used to having the ability to access news anytime that we don’t take full advantage to all the information we have access to.

Courtesy of CNN

Just my thoughts

But if you actually want to check out CNN online  or you can follow them on twitter.

I know your busy, but make the time to invest in your own knowledge. You won’t regret it.

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