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Coverage of Ice Hockey

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The media had a big impact on sports in the beginning. ┬áThe more a sport was televised or written on, the more people played it and the more popular it was. Ice hockey in the 1960s for instance. In 1960 the Olympics were in February in Squaw Valley, California, United States. ┬áThere was a big […]

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Who doesn’t love to be the first one to know something? I love to be the source of information for any kind of news , but I definitely can’t be a fountain of information alone! I owe my success in my distribution of information to social media and television for their consistent updates of information […]

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In history, crime and war reporting were, and still are, the most popular topics to report on. News consumers eat up these types of stories. They are filled with scandal, action and tragedy. The first instance of war reporting can be attributed to the Greeks, which can also be attributed to the making of popular […]

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