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In October of 2014, online sports news website, Deadspin published a story that questioned what U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner has said publicly about his time playing high school football. Deadspin’s story suggested Gardner didn’t play any football, but it was incorrect. Editor Tommy Craggs wrote an apology with the headline, “How Deadspin Fucked Up The Cory Gardner Story.” This […]

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An ode to Steve Klein

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Professor Steve Klein is a professor of journalism at George Mason University who has worked as a journalist, media consultant, and sports content specialist during his lengthy career in the field. He specializes in cross-platform communication and has served as coordinator for the Electronic Journalism minor. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, […]

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Sports and Media

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The media and sport go hand in hand. Where there is sport, there is someone who wants to report on it. The first true team sport played in America was lacrosse. There was not much record of actual writings and reports on the lacrosse games that were being played, but it is known that when […]

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First Sportscenter Broadcast

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Sport is something that kept people active and in shape since the beginning of time. Rules, books, and magazines helped get people interested and start leagues.  When television started it only helped sports rise to the top.  The start of SportsCenter in 1979 skyrocketed the popularity of sport. On September 7, 1979 30,000 viewers tuned in to […]

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Coverage of Ice Hockey

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The media had a big impact on sports in the beginning.  The more a sport was televised or written on, the more people played it and the more popular it was. Ice hockey in the 1960s for instance. In 1960 the Olympics were in February in Squaw Valley, California, United States.  There was a big […]

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Throwing the World Series. The mere mention of the idea was not possible to the growing population of Major League baseball fans. In 1919, the Chicago White Sox, now known as the, “Black Sox,” were acquitted of doing just that despite overwhelming evidence and admissions made by the players involved. What makes this scandal so […]

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ESPN…on Xbox?

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Thanks to the launch of ESPN on Xbox LIVE on Nov. 1, Xbox LIVE users will be able to watch sports events and highlights  from ESPN directly through their Xbox. With this new development in technology, it is possible that more people will be able to access ESPN than before. Like college students who have […]

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Can a woman do it like a man?

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Sexism, stereotypes, sports.  A woman reporting the news?  She’s a go-getter.  A woman reporting the sports? She’s incapable.  Can she do it?  Many men think not.  Here are a few examples of women who overcome the divide between women and sports. Erin Andrews: In 2000, Andrews became a freelance reporter with FSN Florida.  In 2001, […]

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Sports journalism!

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Early signs of Sports journalism date back to the 1400s. Sports reporting was done by word of Mouth until the letter press was created. Now sports reporting has gone to a whole new level with its own channels on TV. Channels such as ESPN and Comcast Sports starting to be come popular in the late […]

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