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In the much scrutinized world of sports, athletes are under the constant eye of the media and fans in everything that they do, on and off the field. With social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, at easy access, athletes across the globe have flocked to using them as means of reaching out to […]

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ESPN…on Xbox?

Posted by: | November 11, 2010 | No Comment |

Thanks to the launch of ESPN on Xbox LIVE on Nov. 1, Xbox LIVE users will be able to watch sports events and highlights  from ESPN directly through their Xbox. With this new development in technology, it is possible that more people will be able to access ESPN than before. Like college students who have […]

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Can a woman do it like a man?

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Sexism, stereotypes, sports.  A woman reporting the news?  She’s a go-getter.  A woman reporting the sports? She’s incapable.  Can she do it?  Many men think not.  Here are a few examples of women who overcome the divide between women and sports. Erin Andrews: In 2000, Andrews became a freelance reporter with FSN Florida.  In 2001, […]

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Evolution of sports reporting

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It was just 31 years ago that the most famous sports network, ESPN, launched. Before that, the most reliable way to receive your sports news and scores would have been through the daily newspaper or the radio. Before that, the majority of people could not have imagined a TV channel dedicated to sports reporting. Now, […]

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Sports journalism!

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Early signs of Sports journalism date back to the 1400s. Sports reporting was done by word of Mouth until the letter press was created. Now sports reporting has gone to a whole new level with its own channels on TV. Channels such as ESPN and Comcast Sports starting to be come popular in the late […]

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