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Nellie Bly

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Nellie Bly, born in 1864 as Elizabeth Jane Cochran, broke barriers for women journalists in the 19th century. Bly began using her pen name after she responded to a popular column in the Pittsburgh Dispatch entitled “What Girls are Good For” that said the woman belonged in the home doing domestic chores and should not look […]

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The flow of communication in the modern day world can now be reduced to symbols, acronyms, and “emoticons” to convey a message many people can understand. As of September 2011, it has been reduced yet another level lower. Snapchat, while not widely known by the world yet, is a growing form of communicating with others […]

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Max Aitken, 1st Lord Beaverbrook (1879-1964), was a Canadian politician, businessman, and most significantly, a publisher. At the height of his career, Lord Beaverbrook was the most influential voice in the British press. Beaverbrook’s papers had millions of readers, the most successful of which was the Daily Express, which sold 4,300,000 copies in 1960, more […]

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