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During the Dark Ages, many groups of people were excluded from education, power, acquiring property and wealth, and basic rights. Only wealthy, European men were afforded these privileges. Even to this day, it seems like a constant struggle for minorities such as Blacks, Hispanics, women, the disabled, the poor, and countless other groups to get […]

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Yesterday, 2 men robbed a local Laurel City recording studio, Copy Catz Studioz, at around 2 a.m. The men, who have still not been identified to the media, went on the studio a little after midnight, with the intent of cutting their rap song. The 2 men had no appointment set up before hand. The men were […]

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The press and the Sago mine disaster

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41 hours after an explosion in a coal mine in Sago, West Virginia that trapped 13 miners, the nation woke up relieved to see headlines reporting 12 of the 13 miners alive. Headlines in newspapers like USA Today screamed that twelve miners had beaten the odds.  However, joy and happiness turned into grief and anger as […]

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The British Broadcasting Company, or BBC, is the largest media source in the world, employing about 23,000 staff members. The BBC not only reports the news, but produces television, music, and other genres of entertainment and information. It’s quite diverse, the say the very least. What’s so interesting about the BBC as well is the […]

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