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“Feel like Larry Hoover:” Rappers rob local recording studio

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Yesterday, 2 men robbed a local Laurel City recording studio, Copy Catz Studioz, at around 2 a.m.

The men, who have still not been identified to the media, went on the studio a little after midnight, with the intent of cutting their rap song. The 2 men had no appointment set up before hand.

The men were allowed into the studio and only after being completely through recording, went outside to “get money,” and came back in with a small, black handgun. They robbed 6 people in the studio, taking jewelry, credit cards, cash, and cell phones.

“They were not hiding their identities or their faces.”

Pete Piringer, Laurel City spokesman

It does not seem like a very proper thank you for the last minute rap session, does it?

The content of their song was interesting to note, as it was somewhat of an ode to famous Chicago gang leader, Larry Hoover. 

“I feel like Larry Hoover, I gotta get my money now.”

– lyrics on the released track of the robber-rappers

Hoover led a gang, the Gangster Disciples, formed in the 70s. They controlled all the drug trade of Chicago’s South Side for years, killing many innocent people.

The studio has released their song in an attempt to see if anyone recognizes the 2 mens’ voices and can identify who they are.

Here is the link to the Larry Hoover song they recorded.


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