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Gulf of Lepanto

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Two great fleets met in the Gulf of Lepanto on Oct. 7, 1571 and resulted in a crushing victory for the Holy League. First news of the stunning victory arrived in Venice 12 days later: on Oct. 19.


The Battle:

By 1571 Muslims were firmly installed in Europe with their ships ruling the Mediterranean Sea and Pope Pius V tried to rally the nation of Europe to join a Holy League in order to roll back the Muslims, which was seen as threatening the entire continent. The Muslims were engaged in conquest with of Cyprus and because Venetian officials aligned with the Holy League, the Muslims besieged and conquered the land and then retreated to the Gulf of Lepanto. On September 16th the Christian fleet put to sea and at dawn on October 7, 1571 the fleet of the Muslims and Christians finally met face to face. Christians were in the shape of a cross and Muslims were in the shape of a crescent. The battle ensued for five hours and when it was all over with the Muslims had been defeated.




Velocity of News:

News of the victory took 12 days to reach Venice, which shows an increase in the velocity of news. As 50 years prior, it took an entire month to spread news throughout all of Europe.

From Venice to Gulf of Lepanto is about 1500km, which is about 932 miles.

By car, 22 hours.

By plane, 5 hours.


Interesting note:

It is said that before word was spread about the Holy League victory, Pope Pius V already knew the outcome. He was in a meeting, stood up, opened his window and looked up into the sky and said, “A truce to business! Our great task at present is to thank God for the victory, which He has just given the Catholic army.”


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