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Soup’s en pointe

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Marie Taglioni is known as being one of the most influential ballerinas in history. Her astounding talent and graceful dancing set her apart from most other dancers of her time. Taglioni’s debut was the brilliant La Sulphide which was made with her in mind, at least the Italian version did. Taglioni danced during the romantic era of the […]

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Gulf of Lepanto

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Two great fleets met in the Gulf of Lepanto on Oct. 7, 1571 and resulted in a crushing victory for the Holy League. First news of the stunning victory arrived in Venice 12 days later: on Oct. 19.   The Battle: By 1571 Muslims were firmly installed in Europe with their ships ruling the Mediterranean […]

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Although the rise of print journalism helped to improve the accuracy of news being spread, it didn’t escape the influence of storytelling/word of mouth completely, especially about international affairs. Mitchell Stephens refers to this phenomenon in our text as “The Haze”, a factor that causes events out of the region’s range “to be seen in […]

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When the word “viral” is used today, we tend to think of a popular Youtube video before we think about the kind of infectious contagion that such videos derived this title from.  Most of the time, viral videos are exercises in the extreme, whether it’s an extremely cute dog or an extremely annoying music video, […]

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The advent of Twitter, and the ultrafast word of mouth effect that it lends to our lives, has already changed the way that we view the world and the news forever. Some of the most important stories in modern times have broken, not on the AP Wires, but as simple tweets that gain popularity like […]

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Google it!

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  I’ve always been of the philosophy that if you don’t know the answer — don’t admit that you don’t know it! Just Google it! It sounds like cheating and may even seem impractical at times, but for the most part we are always within arms reach of a device that has Googling capabilities. Impress […]

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With social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, news and gossip can spread like wildfire. Sometimes, it moves a little TOO fast. Word of mouth has been one of the most popular forms of passing news along since language arrived with homo sapiens. People would gather to learn the news of the day/week/month/year. Without the written word, […]

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The News Slowly Spreads

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Before the era of the Internet, Radio, and Television;  Newspapers were the only way to receive news, regardless on how late it was reported. During the pre-20th century era, newspapers were becoming of age. Newspapers like the New York Times, Freedom Journal, and the Pennsylvania Evening Post were formed  between 1783 through 1827.  Even some […]

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