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a history of social media?

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According to  Beth Hayden and Rafal Tomal at copyblogger, There’s nothing new about “social media.” Hayden and Tomal also state that,”the concept behind Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking tools isn’t new. These sites just give us new, sexy, and easy-to use ways to do what we’ve always wanted to do online — exchange ideas and […]

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The advent of Twitter, and the ultrafast word of mouth effect that it lends to our lives, has already changed the way that we view the world and the news forever. Some of the most important stories in modern times have broken, not on the AP Wires, but as simple tweets that gain popularity like […]

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With print in rapid decline, there is a lot of discussion (and fear) that journalists are going to be out of work. However, ask anyone working in new media if they would agree with this point. They probably wouldn’t — and I don’t. Steve Pearlstein, a former columnist at the Washington Post and current professor […]

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The history of social networking

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