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Reporting for New York, Baltimore, and Chicago…

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Every night millions of Americans turn to their local news station to watch the evening news. According to Conan O’Brian though it seems all these stations say the same thing.

( video produced by TBS)

Of course it is not really true that these news stations are saying the same thing, but rather they are getting the story from the same source. Companies like the Associated Press and CNN Newsource produce content that is then sent out to smaller news markets that may not have the resources to cover topics like the election or business news. Some stations ( WJLA-TV in Arlington, Virginia for example) are partnered with both CNN and AP. AP also expands outside of TV as provide photography and written stories for their clients as well.

A news package from CNN or AP contains the video package it self, as well as a lead-in for the anchor to read. This is why all the newscasters in the above clip say they exact same thing before tossing to the news package about holiday shopping.

With the distribution of one story across multiple platforms, does this mean newscasters have become lazy reporters? No. In a way they are becoming better reporters. A news station in Georgia, for example, may not have the resources to send a reporter to the Iowa Caucus. If they partner with CNN Newsource, the Georgia station is then able to provide a better product for their listening area, while the Newsource reporter receives more air time and exposure.

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