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Treasure in old town?

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Photo5Imagine going to work one day and discovering an ancient ship from many centuries ago! How would you react? What would you do?

Well that is exactly what happened last week in Old Town Alexandria. A group of construction workers were working at a hotel construction site, when they discovered an 18th century old ship, which is believed to have been some type of war ship or trading vessel. Archeologists and residents       of Alexandria have made a big deal of this find.

“… we will never see this again, probably, right?” says a woman admiring the 50 feet long old

ship. 010615_edge_ship_1280

Francine Bromberg, who is an archeologist in Alexandria said,

“It was a pretty good day… a remarkable archeological dream basically.” 

The area where it was found was discovered to be in the Potomac River, before it was expanded to Alexandria’s waterfront.

This ship has become quite the celebrity, with residents lining up eager to see this treasure.

What’s next for Alexandria’s history?

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