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How technology is changing journalism?

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Humans have always been thirsty for news, but the way news is gathered and shared is changing every day. The velocity of journalism is changing in parallel with the evolving technological means that facilitate getting, sharing, and exchanging information.

After it used to take years for some news to travel outside of their edge, technology and the internet have been a big contribution to the way we get news. News gathering for journalists has become easier Tips-for-Twitter-Engagementin some ways,  although they still need to double the credibility of the sources. Journalists and anybody else can follow events as they are happening via videos, pictures, twitter and Facebook posts.  There is an overload of online sources, in addition to the fact that most people in developed countries have cellphones which makes the news at their finger tips.

The evolution of news from word of mouth to print to video, audio and back to word of mouth in the form of social media platforms, supports the argument Megan Garber makes in her article “The Gutenberg parenthesis: Thomas Pettitt on parallels between the pre-print era and our own Internet age”. She believes that between the era that followed Johannes Gutenberg, and era of the internet was “essentially an interruption to the broader arc of communication”.


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