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News for a penny?

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penny-press-bfigWouldn’t it be cool to be able to read the news for just a penny?

That is what the Penny Press provided! The Penny Press made it possible for anyone, not just rich people, to read the news. That is why it was very popular with the American public. More and more people began buying newspapers, making news and journalism more important.

Because the Penny Press relied heavily on advertising, they were able to sell papers for less, while others who relied on subscriptions and daily sales sold them for a higher price.

The Penny Press was different than all the other newspapers, not only because of the price, but because they targeted a new audience. They also didn’t just reprint foreign news or speeches. Instead, they covered more local news, scandals, crimes, and human interest stories.

The changes made to newspapers during the Penny Press era has influenced the way newspapers workppp today. Newspapers still rely on advertising, which is why they have remained at a relatively low price. News has become something extremely important for everyone. It is something that we, as humans, yearn for.

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