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The feature section of newspapers and magazines have definitely transformed over time. While human interest stories have been covered since the Roman acta in 47 a.d., the type of human interest pieces have seen some changes.

One topic that I have noticed to be quite an interesting addition to the feature section are long-form stories on the ins and outs of weddings.

Over time, an obsession with weddings has swept across the nation. While weddings normally were small affairs back in the day, today according to TheKnot, the average couple spends close to $31,000 for their wedding day. And in some occasions, that number can go all the way to $200,000. Wowza.



With the growing popularity of weddings and the booming business it has created, it is no surprise that the field of journalism would hop on the bandwagon.

Today there are numerous publications and sections of renowned publications dedicated solely to every aspect of a couple’s special day. In fact, there are journalists who dedicate their lives to covering various aspects of a wedding.

From the story of how a couple met, to the ends and outs of their wedding planning, and finally to the big day, a wedding journalist has lots to discuss in their coverage of this great occasion, especially in today’s world.

A great example of how weddings have infiltrated the feature section and the world of journalism overall is seen with Washingtonian magazine. On their magazine’s website, under their “long-form” section, they are currently featuring an article titled, “How Indian Weddings in American Became So Amazing- and So Pricey.” The fact that an article focused solely on weddings is prominently featured on their website shows a shift in our culture to favor the coverage of weddings. There is also a specific section on their drop down menu titled “weddings,” which features various articles focusing on weddings, including advice on how to plan a wedding and charming profiles on local couples.



And if that wasn’t enough wedding coverage for you, the Washingtonian also has a separate magazine dedicated to weddings called Washingtonian Bride and Groom. (Check out their Instagram page if you are looking to gush over some picture-perfect wedding ceremonies.)

So as you can see, weddings have definitely made their way from small announcements hidden deep within a newspaper to being the main attraction in numerous publications. 


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