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The feature section of newspapers and magazines have definitely transformed over time. While human interest stories have been covered since the Roman acta in 47 a.d., the type of human interest pieces have seen some changes. One topic that I have noticed to be quite an interesting addition to the feature section are long-form stories […]

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A good feature story is meant to not just inform, but entertain. Feature stories gravitate towards topics that the public is interested in and further elaborates on the matter in an entertaining way. A way in which feature stories garner attention is by illuminating recent controversies that the public seems to be fascinated by. Last […]

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When we are not consuming hard hitting news, we often find ourselves reading human interest stories, or more commonly known as feature stories. Feature stories are set apart from hard news stories due to the┬ámemorable crafting and creativity of the reporting. These stories also tend to be longer and gravitate toward subjects that would interest […]

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Movie rental conglomerate Netflix recently announced that the price of renting films on their site would double by September of this year. Well, September came around and Netflix lost 600,000 members in the U.S. alone. Yesterday, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings sent out an amiable email to all customers announcing the introduction of Quikster, a Netflix […]

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You may recall a recent story about a UCLA student who decided to sneak his way into Libya to join the rebels in their fight for freedom. There, 21-year-old Chris Jeon learned how to fire a weapon for the first time before soon being told to leave by the rebels that once welcomed him due […]

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