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In a Tech Times article and MacRumors article, Samsung has begun to poke fun at Apple’s release of the new iPhone 6. Through their use of video ads, Samsung promotes its new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 by pointing out the flaws in Apple’s design. All of the ads feature two actors dressed similarly to Apple […]

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iPad Mini: When will it end?

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Apple made waves in the tech world when they bridged the gap between the Macbook and iPhone with the iPad.  Now, it seems the company wants to bridge another gap – the gap between the iPad and the iPhone – with the iPad Mini.  Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a slightly smaller iPad. […]

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With tablet devices such as the Kindle Fire and the iPad, the magazine and newspaper industry may gain some new legs to stand on. I recently upgraded my iPad to iOS5, Apple’s newest operating system for their mobile products and watched as my newspapers and magazines neatly fit themselves into Newsstand.   Apple has made […]

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