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Samsung trolls Apple’s new iPhone 6 in 30 seconds

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In a Tech Times article and MacRumors article, Samsung has begun to poke fun at Apple’s release of the new iPhone 6. Through their use of video ads, Samsung promotes its new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 by pointing out the flaws in Apple’s design.

All of the ads feature two actors dressed similarly to Apple Geniuses in what seems to be an Apple Store. The first ad notes how the live stream for Apple’s event intermittently cuts out for some viewers while also experiencing odd production issues (i.e. two songs playing over each other, etc.). Additionally, the Note 4 is 6.6 inches, one inch larger than the iPhone 6 Plus.

The ads also include the three features Samsung boasts with the Note 4: Samsung’s S-Pen stylus, charging faster and multi-tasking. It even belittled the Apple Watch, suggesting that the Samsung Gear S will only require a SIM card and does not need to be tethered to any smartphone.

It’s this competitiveness that drives the potential for newer, and better technology.

Overall, Samsung “playing dirty” only shows that Apple has to be doing something right. After all, there is a website dedicated to the company. But will Apple be able to sustain its popularity against the rising rival company of Samsung?

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