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The Gazette van Detroit or the “Newspaper of Detroit” is America’s “only Belgian paper.” But that doesn’t mean it isn’t popular. The Gazette has a loyal readership of Flemish subscribers in the America and Belgium alike. The paper started its weekly distribution in 1914 in Detroit, Michigan and later became a biweekly and monthly publication. […]

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Watergate to MTV’s Catfish

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The definition of investigative journalism is changing with every news story.  The Cambridge Dictionary defines investigative journalism as “a type of journalism that tries to discover information of public interest that someone is trying to hide.” If one was to think back to a time where investigative journalism became extremely prominent – it is the presidency […]

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Extra, extra! Tweet all about it!

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Modern technology wages war on patience and print. Once upon a time in a pre-Apple world, patience and print were the norm. News was broadcast at certain times of day and not a moment before, human interaction was primarily face-to-face and email was the advancement in communication. Most importantly, the newspaper was read with dedication reserved for […]

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