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In light of the recent missing student at the University of Virginia, Hannah Graham, I found myself wondering if women are safe on college campuses. The feminist in me knows that this argument I’m trying to state might come across as sexist and may be misconstrued, but my opinion on the subject matter shall have to speak for […]

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How to choose the big story

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Every week I look forward to getting my issue of  “People Magazine.” I always wonder what news this week will be on the cover page. I really thought for the week of September 15, the cover would have at the very least, a small bock mentioning the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the beheading of […]

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Watergate to MTV’s Catfish

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The definition of investigative journalism is changing with every news story.  The Cambridge Dictionary defines investigative journalism as “a type of journalism that tries to discover information of public interest that someone is trying to hide.” If one was to think back to a time where investigative journalism became extremely prominent – it is the presidency […]

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