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How to choose the big story

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Every week I look forward to getting my issue of  “People Magazine.” I always wonder what news this week will be on the cover page. I really thought for the week of September 15, the cover would have at the very least, a small bock mentioning the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the beheading of the Americans.

However, the entire cover was devoted to Angelina Jolie’s wedding. Considering all the news that happened that week, Jolie’s wedding was just one major event not necessarily worth the entire cover. On the other hand, people love reading about the Jolie-Pitt family, which is why they are constantly in the news.

Image from People Magazine.

Image from People Magazine.

It is important to have multiple news sources from which you obtain your news. “People” is just one of the few news sources I turn to weekly.

While “People” briefly mentioned the ISIS beheadings in the issue, the audience of “People” isn’t really targeted towards foreign affairs. Major newspapers such as “The Washington Post” or “New York Times” are much more likely to have articles pertaining towards the goings on out of the country.

What I thought would be a big story reported in “People” this week – I realized that “People” was not the appropriate outlet or audience. Next time I want to read about foreign affairs, I will look to the newspaper.

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