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Supernatural, once a little known television series that catered to a small target audience has since become a huge phenomenon. A story about two brothers who seek to avenge the murder of their mother brings the viewers into a thrilling science fiction adventure. Upon their quest they encounter various creatures, from vampires to shape shifters that […]

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Printing pressed

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Modern technology antiquates newspapers and handwriting. In the old days of journalism, almost everything was done by hand. Notes, articles, random musings– you name it, they hand wrote it. But with the Grim Reaper wrapping newspapers and print media in its vice-like grip, one can’t help but wonder what will happen to handwriting. Signs point to a slow, yet […]

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When the watchdogs are put to sleep

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A journalist has a duty. A duty to tell the stories of those with muted voices. A duty to make known the trials and triumphs of the world. A duty to keep watch over those in power and ensure our liberties are protected and our citizens are informed. A duty to report the truth. A […]

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