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Supernatural, once a little known television series that catered to a small target audience has since become a huge phenomenon.

A story about two brothers who seek to avenge the murder of their mother brings the viewers into a thrilling science fiction adventure. Upon their quest they encounter various creatures, from vampires to shape shifters that stifle their path to redemption.


The relationship between the two brothers and the viewers is an amicable one, which results in captivating the audience into wanting more. Erick Kripke, creator of the hit television show, planned to have the show undergo only seven seasons. But because of the growing success and the huge amount of support from the Supernatural fandom, the show had no choice but to continue.


The show is now beginning its 10th season, which begins October 7th. With no signs of slowing down, the future of Supernatural is limitless. As the two brothers continue their boundless adventures, the show continues to increase in viewership, thus helping to develop what was once a  little known unnatural show into a SUPERnatural one.

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