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Actress and Pop star, Lady Gaga celebrated her 30th birthday at the No Name club in Hollywood with fiancé and Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney, 34, and her closest celebrity friends Saturday night. Gaga, who turned 30 on Monday, March 28, wore a glittering gold boat neck Saint Laurent fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear mini dress with a thick black belt, paired […]

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The Grammys unites musicians of all ages for one night to celebrate great and popular music.  Monday, Feb. 15, the 58th annual Grammys aired on CBS.  Taylor Swift opened the show with her newest single, “Out of the Woods.”  Swift was one of the lead winners that night taking home the Grammys for Best Music […]

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MVC’s: most valuable celebrities

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By: Jessica Farley If your vote for Barack Obama meant that you could watch Will Ferrell eat garbage, would you do it? As the dust settles around one of the most media-saturated election seasons to date, it has become clear to many that this election would not have been the same without a few celebrity […]

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Is Kate Middleton pregnant? What about all those topless photos? While there’s a prominent media frenzy surrounding Great Britain’s favorite royal, the duchess is certainly not the first monarch to get media coverage. In the mid-20th century, Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, was a staple in the early British tabloids. The Baltimore native’s relationship with […]

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Sensationalism or defamation?

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Mitchell Stephens wrote in his book ‘A History of News,’ that “Murders and their victims surrender all rights to privacy,” he goes on to quote John McEnroe a former tennis star that claimed that, “Being a celebrity is like I am being raped.” If murders and victims surrender all their rights to privacy and being […]

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