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  Opinion and journalism. These two words are generally frowned upon when both are involved in the same piece.  That is why an entire separate section was created in newspapers just for opinions. However, there was not always an opinion section for journalists and other professionals to get their points across.  Some of the earliest […]

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Sensationalism or defamation?

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Mitchell Stephens wrote in his book ‘A History of News,’ that “Murders and their victims surrender all rights to privacy,” he goes on to quote John McEnroe a former tennis star that claimed that, “Being a celebrity is like I am being raped.” If murders and victims surrender all their rights to privacy and being […]

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The art of the blog

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How about this for irony? Writing a blog about the art of blogging. The word ‘blog‘ comes from the phrase “web log.” It is one of the newer forms of journalism, and it will forever change the way journalists work, and how their field will be conducted. According to Mitchell Stephens, who authored “A History of News,” … […]

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During a recent class discussion,  I addressed a classroom full of peers concerning an important element of Mitchell Stephens book “A History of News.” The chapter revolved around the intricate question of whether or not news becomes better with better technologies–and if not then what exactly are we losing. Essentially, Stephens argues that from the mid twentieth century […]

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The role of editors

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In chapter 9 of Mitchell Stephens’ “A History of News,” he writes about the development of newspaper editors in England during the 1600s. Editors organize a newspaper into having clarity and direction to the reader. Newspapers with clarity and direction are more credible than those lacking. One problem newspapers had in the 1600s was how […]

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