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Just in time for Super Tuesday, Marco Rubio displayed a different side of Rubio on Thursday night on the Republican GOP debate. Rubio, who had been known particularly as the little boy with big dreams in the Republican race for the presidential nomination showed a new face Thursday night, as he hit Donald Trump repeatedly […]

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Trump. The rise of a demagogue

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  Donald Trump. By now he is arguably the most popular man in America — next to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, that is. Well what exactly does that say about America? Donald Trump has made his claim to wealth and fame through his various real estate ventures and by way of┬ámedia. However, this American […]

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When a well-known figure is as prolific as these two were and are, it isn’t hard to compare them both. When you think about it this way, 16th century Martin Luther and 21st century Donald Trump do bear some kind of resemblance. Not only in the way they addressed the public in either writing or […]

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Propaganda during election times

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Propaganda feeds on people’s fear, lack of knowledge, as well as naivete. It is a weapon used by many individuals, organizations, and countries in order to influence citizens so they pick a side, support or reject their governments’ involvement in wars, or deliberately harm a person or a group of people by spreading half truths, […]

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Donald Trump released a now viral video on October 24th, in which he promised the world that he would donate 5 million dollars to the charity of President Barack Obama’s choice under 2 conditions: Obama would have to release his college records and applications, as well as all of his passport records and that he […]

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