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Propaganda during election times

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Propaganda feeds on people’s fear, lack of knowledge, as well as naivete. It is a weapon used by many individuals, organizations, and countries in order to influence citizens so they pick a side, support or reject their governments’ involvement in wars, or deliberately harm a person or a group of people by spreading half truths, exaggerations, or lies with the intention to cause harm or win an election at any cost.

Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, has been using propaganda to sell himself to American voters. He uses fears many Americans have towards certain issues, to score political points. And thanks to today’s abundant means of communication, and media bias Trump’s positions have been amplified just

the way he wDonald-Trumpanted or maybe better than he even wanted. The more he says controversial things, the more he goes up in polls.

He has said many offensive comments about Mexican and other Latino immigrants. He accused Mexico of sending “rapists and criminals” to the U.S. His bluntness makes him more popular among GOP voters. Trump does not care about political correctness, the implications of his statements, or the consequences they might have both in the U.S. and abroad. Unlike other candidates in this election season and previous ones, the billionaire thinks he can say whatever he wants no matter how offensive to some Americans it may be, even when he is running for president; who ideally should be a figure that strives to unify rather than divide. Whether or not he would actually be able to implement any of his “plans and solutions” should he become a president, is something to watch.

One of the other groups, Trump has been bashing with all ease, is Muslims. American Muslims and Muslim immigrants or even Muslim tourists are not welcome in America, according to Trump. He forgot that many Muslims were among the first comers to the New World. Visitors or immigrants of Muslim background should be temporarily banned from entering the U.S. according to Trump; others should wear mandatory badges that say who they are. Outrageous as his suggestions may seem to many, Trump only kept going up in polls.

For the time being he is saying things because he wants to win the ticket to the White House, but he is careless about the potential harm it would cause not only within the American society but also with U.S. partners in Muslim countries.

In the meantime, Jon Stewart had proposed months ago a set of suggestions for Muslims to appear less scary. Following is the funny video.https://youtube.com/watch?v=hSTywVwZCjw%22+width%3D%22560%22+height%3D%22315%22+frameborder%3D%220%22%3E%3C


If Trump was not running for president, he would just be another person who has strong opinions popular or not, and does not shy away from sharing them. However, what he says is of tremendous significance and danger because he is not some media commentator or pundit, but the man who wants to lead America.



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