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“What emerges from the 16th century is a reading public ready to invest in printed material from broadsheets to pamphlets to books that went beyond their trade or devotional lives.”   Over the 16th century, the publishing market was refined: news pamphlets recorded local news in addition to foreign sensationalized news, sensations were the stock […]

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With the advancement of literacy by the time of Cicero in the Roman Empire, society began to evolve to adapt to the new found freedom literacy provided. As discussed in chapter four of “A History of News” by Mitchell Stephens, the Romans were able to write down and share their information and knowledge. This allowed […]

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The Printing Press

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                                              Johannes Gutenberg                                            Printing Press Johannes Gutenberg gets the majority of the credit for inventing the printing press. The German goldsmith built the first printing press in 1440 . It should also be noted, however, that the Chinese played a vital role in the development of this ground-breaking machine. Almost 300 years before Gutenberg […]

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