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Each year, the organization Reporters Without Borders compiles a list that ranks countries by their press freedom records from the previous year. The group fights international censorship and promotes freedom of speech and press throughout the world. The French based organization notes that the rankings do note measure the quality of journalism, just the amount […]

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One of the tenets that has formed America into a unique nation is the creation and the support of a free press. Under the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment protects the right to religious freedoms, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and petition and the freedom of the press. Though the freedom of the […]

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Tired of the stale and dry news published in traditional newspapers, James Franklin, brother of Benjamin Franklin began publishing the “New England Courant“. Franklin got rid of hte boring addresses from the governor and began publishing satire and essays in the style of London’s paper, “The Spectator.” Benjamin Franklin wrote for the paper under the […]

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With the advancement of literacy by the time of Cicero in the Roman Empire, society began to evolve to adapt to the new found freedom literacy provided. As discussed in chapter four of “A History of News” by Mitchell Stephens, the Romans were able to write down and share their information and knowledge. This allowed […]

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A form of the earliest newspapers, the Roman Acta Diurna were a daily posting of news from the Roman officials. Unlike the flimsy and disposable modern newspaper, the Actas were carved onto stone and metal and published in the forums for public viewing. The first Acta was published sometime around 131 B.C. during the Roman […]

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