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Each year, the organization Reporters Without Borders compiles a list that ranks countries by their press freedom records from the previous year. The group fights international censorship and promotes freedom of speech and press throughout the world. The French based organization notes that the rankings do note measure the quality of journalism, just the amount […]

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Boss Tweed

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William Marcy Tweed was the epicenter of corruption in New York city during the 1860s-1870s. Immigrants fell servant to his bribes and played pawn in his game to take over the city. Tweed either owned or payed off every single New York Daily except the New York Times and Harper’s Weekly. “In 1862, New York […]

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Freedom of the press is a base principle in our society. However, this freedom was challenged by the government until 1931 when the case of Near v. Minnesota proved that prior restraint (censorship on expression before the expression actually takes place) is unconstitutional. The Saturday Press was created and run by an anti-Semitic man, Jay M. Near, […]

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Journalists today have the freedom to report the truth, without fear of reprimand from the government, or other people.  It is common to see newspapers questioning a senate vote, or a blog offering dissent for the president.  Although the First Amendment technically declared the freedom of the press, it was not always as free as […]

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With a free press, all is safe.

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Journalism students must shake their heads in disbelief when they hear the Iranian government shut down its leading business paper ,or laugh in amazement when they hear the government of China blocked – of all things – a Twitter site dedicated to the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. The level of government suppression and control […]

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