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When one thinks of Benjamin Franklin it is difficult to thinkĀ of him outsideĀ the political spectrum. One of the founding fathers of the United States, he contributed much to the Americas in a variety of ways. What some people may not know is that Franklin was more than just a diplomat; he was an author and […]

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Boss Tweed

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William Marcy Tweed was the epicenter of corruption in New York city during the 1860s-1870s. Immigrants fell servant to his bribes and played pawn in his game to take over the city. Tweed either owned or payed off every single New York Daily except the New York Times and Harper’s Weekly. “In 1862, New York […]

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Opinions: then and now

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Opinions have appeared within newspapers and in journalism for ages. Though journalists are meant to be unbiased, it is often difficult, some might say impossible, for one to fully pull away from long held beliefs, whether they be religious, political, or otherwise. Nowadays, when people think of opinion pieces, they tend to think of the […]

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