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During the 16th century, pamphlet readers were exposed to a variety of content. This news often affected the readers themselves, or large groups of people elsewhere. One of the primary topics covered in this “developing news market” was natural disasters and other natural phenomena. The instinctual fear and curiosity about the unknown would drive these […]

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Pamphlet readers had an appetite for news of natural phenomena and the wonders of nature: floods, hailstorms, astrological events (like a solar eclipse). Such natural phenomena, especially those that involved significant loss of life, became staples of the developing news market. Whether it was thousands of years ago or today, news of natural phenomenons and […]

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Media Stars: Brian Williams

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In today’s world of television news, national and even local news anchors are no longer just anchors. Local anchors make community appearances and now national anchors are getting their own daytime talk shows (see the promo for Anderson Cooper’s new show) This post will spotlight Brian Williams, anchor of NBC’s Nightly News. What makes Williams […]

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