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Media Stars: Brian Williams

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In today’s world of television news, national and even local news anchors are no longer just anchors. Local anchors make community appearances and now national anchors are getting their own daytime talk shows (see the promo for Anderson Cooper’s new show)

This post will spotlight Brian Williams, anchor of NBC’s Nightly News. What makes Williams more than just a news anchor? What makes him a star?

In addition to anchoring the desk at NBC, Williams reports on location from hot news spots around the world. He’s reported extensively from the middle east. He has also provided extended coverage of natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and Japanese Tsunami. That makes him a star reporter and trustworthy news anchor.

Brian Williams is a star because he makes appearances. But he doesn’t just make community appearances, Williams is booked on national talk shows. Letterman, Leno, DeGeneres — you name it, he’s been there. Many times he is booked on these shows not to talk about his work, but just life in general. Williams has also made guest appearances on the show 30 Rock and has even hosted Saturday Night Live.  These extra appearances make Williams a star beyond his anchoring and reporting.

A great and hilarious appearance Williams has made is below. (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on 7/26/11)


Updated 9/7/11

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