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Presentation/Graphics: iWorld

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OK, so I haveĀ  a confession. Up until last week I had an Sansa mp3 player. Yes, I’ve gone without an iPod for that long. So now is the time to buy an iPod. Zune is going down and I honestly don’t hear anything else about the other mp3 contenders so I’ll just get an […]

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Presentations and graphics have obviously improved with greater technology. But I don’t think we truly realize how much they invade our everyday lives. Why else does Facebook change its layout so much? Why do I prefer Facebook over Google+? It’s the presentation. We know that it’s not just what it is, but what it looks […]

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Graphics play an integral part in the presentation of news, having a hand in every medium outside of news on the radio, though presentation is still important to that medium as well. Though there are some that simply wish to read line after line of text, more often than not people need some form of […]

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