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Paris: the city of love

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Bonjour and welcome to the wonderful city of Paris, France. Known worldwide as the city of love, Paris is the desired location for honeymooners and those looking for a bit of romance. From scenic walks along the Seine River to ascending the Eiffel tower, there is certainly a lot to do in this city rich […]

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Amsterdam: an inside look

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When one thinks of Amsterdam, what comes to mind? Van Gogh? The Anne Frank house? Coffee shops? It is true that those things are tied to Amsterdam but there is a lot packed into this tourist trap of a city. Amsterdam itself is situated in the Netherlands in theĀ northern partĀ of Holland. Filled with canals and […]

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Japan wants to pay for bloggers to come visit in an effort to help their tourism industry after an earthquake and tsunami devastated the country this year. The unique move is an effort to show travelers that Japan is now safe to visit — through publicity from the potential bloggers. The plan to give away […]

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