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William Lloyd Garrison (1805-1879) was an American abolitionist, social reformer, and publisher of the pro-abolition newspaper: the Liberator. Garrison was unique for his time by demanding “immediate emancipation” of all slaves. Using the Liberator as his voice, Garrison spread his convictions all across the North (his newspaper was not sold in the south). In his […]

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A great American journalist

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Once denied the right to learn to read because he was told he “should know nothing but to obey his master, to do as he is told to do,” Frederick Douglass did well to become one of the greatest journalists in American history. Douglass was born a slave in Maryland and separated from his mother as […]

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Political Reporting

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Political reporting has always greatly altered the way people feel about critical topics. From the days when one journalist would follow Presidential candidates everywhere they went, to the first televised Presidential debates in 196o, reporting on politics has always served a pivotal purpose: to enlighten. Today, all of the major cable networks spend the majority of […]

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