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By: Jessica Farley An election year means a multitude of things for the masses: less than personable campaigners pestering you during your lunch breaks, an overflowing influx of “politically active” celebrities, red and blue cardboard signs peppering the side of the highway, and in recent years, the demand for unbiased media coverage. It seems that, […]

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The opinions of opinions

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One of the (great?) things that internet journalism has created is the ability for people to “comment” on the news. Have you ever been to a CNN.com article and skimmed through the story just to get to the comments? I have. It can be infuriating and funny at the same time. The “Comment” section has […]

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Political Reporting

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Political reporting has always greatly altered the way people feel about critical topics. From the days when one journalist would follow Presidential candidates everywhere they went, to the first televised Presidential debates in 196o, reporting on politics has always served a pivotal purpose: to enlighten. Today, all of the major cable networks spend the majority of […]

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