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The need to be informed

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Humans have always been curious about what is going on around them. Before the news as we know it today, people used to spread tales of events and things in their close environment or far away for different reasons. The information people shared was used as time-filler, diversion and entertainment. It also provided a kind […]

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By: Jessica Farley An election year means a multitude of things for the masses: less than personable campaigners pestering you during your lunch breaks, an overflowing influx of “politically active” celebrities, red and blue cardboard signs peppering the side of the highway, and in recent years, the demand for unbiased media coverage. It seems that, […]

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The need for constant contact

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Facebook, Twitter and even Youtube have provided new and exciting ways to communicate with our friends. These outlets have given people ways to communicate with people they don’t even know. A key aspect in participating in these websites is getting the alerts that someone has contacted you. These are comparable to the ringing of a […]

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With BlackBerry systems being down across the globe, users are left newsless. People who use their device daily are finding it difficult to adjust to life without their BlackBerrys.With the absence of their lifeline, people had to find other ways of communicating with people. They also had to (heaven forbid) use an actual computer for […]

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