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That’s awkward. In 2000 the New York Times issued a correction on something that they had been doing wrong for over 100 years. The issue number n the paper was 500 editions too early. This mistake seems like something the paper can laugh about but other times, mistakes are no laughing matter. Sometimes a small […]

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A bitter sweet existence

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The Washington Post released an article called “Sweet and Sour” by Marta Zaranska this week that was quite interesting, to say the least. The article described a plethora of research and increase in studying a potential psychological-olfactory correlation. According to the article, in essence, mood and taste buds are linked. According to studies, your mood […]

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Above the fold

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On March 6th 2016,  Former First Lady Nancy Reagan passed away. Here is what was on the cover major newspapers the next day. Monday March 7th, 2016 Looking at top of each front page, called “above the fold” we can see the majority have a picture and a story about the passing of the first […]

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Nellie Bly was an American journalist known best for writing an in depth expose on abuses taking place in an asylum. While writing this piece, Bly went undercover as a resident to better understand the inner workings of her subject. Her consummate approach to storytelling earned her a name among the ranks of famous muckrakers […]

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Journalism isn’t dying

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(The Gutenberg Parenthesis) – its an idea that everything after Gutenberg and the printing press was an interruption to the ‘original’ form of communication, word-of-mouth. In Megan Garber’s blog post ‘ The Gutenberg Parenthesis: Thomas Pettitt on parallels between the pre-print era and our own Internet age’ she quotes Thomas Pettitt, a professor at the […]

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Ethics in the ethnic press

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Journalism is a very interesting yet dangerous field. Journalists are among the most dedicated people to their profession and they fulfill their responsibilities with complete ambition. Journalists risk their lives daily to leak out information to the public that typical biased news corporations don’t. A prime example of a journalist putting her life on the […]

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Humans have always been thirsty for news, but the way news is gathered and shared is changing every day. The velocity of journalism is changing in parallel with the evolving technological means that facilitate getting, sharing, and exchanging information. After it used to take years for some news to travel outside of their edge, technology and the internet have […]

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Trump. The rise of a demagogue

Posted by: | February 23, 2016 | No Comment |

  Donald Trump. By now he is arguably the most popular man in America — next to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, that is. Well what exactly does that say about America? Donald Trump has made his claim to wealth and fame through his various real estate ventures and by way of media. However, this American […]

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Every night millions of Americans turn to their local news station to watch the evening news. According to Conan O’Brian though it seems all these stations say the same thing. ( video produced by TBS) Of course it is not really true that these news stations are saying the same thing, but rather they are […]

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An ode to Steve Klein

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Professor Steve Klein is a professor of journalism at George Mason University who has worked as a journalist, media consultant, and sports content specialist during his lengthy career in the field. He specializes in cross-platform communication and has served as coordinator for the Electronic Journalism minor. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, […]

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New era of journalists

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“The growing professionalism of the press and newspapermen in news coverage and the quality of writing (featuring talented writers). Writers were professionals and worked and live by their pens fulltime.” Journalists living by their pens is certainly an image that has faded with time. Now, it is more like journalists live by their smartphones, waiting […]

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