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When one thinks of Benjamin Franklin it is difficult to think of him outside the political spectrum. One of the founding fathers of the United States, he contributed much to the Americas in a variety of ways. What some people may not know is that Franklin was more than just a diplomat; he was an author and […]

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That’s awkward. In 2000 the New York Times issued a correction on something that they had been doing wrong for over 100 years. The issue number n the paper was 500 editions too early. This mistake seems like something the paper can laugh about but other times, mistakes are no laughing matter. Sometimes a small […]

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One antiquated hand washes the other. The only place I ever see people read magazines or newspapers is in airports.– Dylan French, founder of Nobody.com At the risk of sounding trite, everything suddenly clicked. This quote is a summation of the future. There will come a time when yearning for the “old days” of  journalism […]

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There’s no noise in Illinois

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100 years ago, Lake County Independent was the local newspaper that predominantly covered news for Lake County, Illinois. In the early 1900’s, these newspapers were much simpler than today’s. Local news were really local. So much so that the sample of newspapers were only a few pages long, and it seems to talk about people […]

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The Times: a London original

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Today, when someone says “I read The Times,” they could be referring to any number of publications: The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times, The Daily times – the list goes on and on including titles within the US as well as many international titles.  However, “The Times” technically refers the […]

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Early newspapers and their stars

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With the rise of print as a medium of distribution, resources to share information such as newspapers, pamphlets and books became much easier to access. This change not only began to keep the public more informed on current events, but also prominent individuals who were involved in them. Prior to this shift, the only household names […]

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The Impact of Feature Writing What IS feature writing? Feature writing is the researching and writing of a special, in-depth article for a newspaper or magazine. It is considered special because it focuses on one particular, core topic, and is not a regular part of the periodical in which it is published, the way a […]

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The Impact of Media; particularly on children By Joshua Aaron Karber Any scholar, academic, philosopher and even politician can tell you that in our society today we are literally bombarded with images and information, and at a level that is unparalleled throughout documented history. Essentially, we are all jacked in to a system of words, pictures, sounds, videos and […]

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As far as Japanese technology goes, some say it is unparalleled. Japan seems to have excelled far more than any other nation in history in this area. But when it comes to the media, what has Japan done? Paper! In the year 610 A.D. China transferred its form of paper — still primitive at the […]

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It took the Village Voice

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When Norman Mailer, Dan Wolf and Ed Fancher established the Village Voice, they didn’t have experience in the newspaper business. Fancher was the publisher of the Voice, Wolf the editor and Mailer was officially a silent partner. According to Menand, Wolf later said “If we had known more, we certainly would have suffered less.” Nonetheless, […]

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The going rate is 20 dollars a gram for marijuana in the Mid Atlantic United States. What if I told you that in the early 1900s you could have held several ounces of the plant for pennies? That’s right folks. It’s a pot blog. However without starting a referendum on who has the right to […]

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Ben Franklin spreads the news

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In an expanding colony, news is crucial for further growth and expansion. The Pennsylvania Gazette, one of the most popular sources of news in the the 1700s, provided readers with  thanks in part to the genius and gumption of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin, a true Renaissance man in every sense of the word, would take a […]

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