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Pigeons of war

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Before the advent of the two-way radio, wire transmission cables covered the World War I battlefields. Although being the most technologically advance form of communication available, it did face its fair share of hurdles on enemy territory especially around rough and mountainous terrain. This is where the pigeon comes in. With the ability to fly at […]

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The need to be informed

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Humans have always been curious about what is going on around them. Before the news as we know it today, people used to spread tales of events and things in their close environment or far away for different reasons. The information people shared was used as time-filler, diversion and entertainment. It also provided a kind […]

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The Times: a London original

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Today, when someone says “I read The Times,” they could be referring to any number of publications: The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times, The Daily times – the list goes on and on including titles within the US as well as many international titles.  However, “The Times” technically refers the […]

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Yellow Journalism was born in the late nineteenth century out of the competition between publishing moguls Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst. Competition between the two came to a peak when Hearst hired the Cartoonist Richard F. Outcault away from Pulitzer after Outcault’s popular cartoon “Hogan’s Alley” boost Pulitzer’s sales.  Outcault’s most popular character from […]

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